Saturday, 24 October 2015

Fun And Simple Halloween Party Games

I thought I would share a few Halloween games for you to play at your party, or just for a bit of family fun with the kids.

Fun And Simple Halloween Party Games
We used to play these at our Halloween party at the pub, with a few tipsy adults playing, they can be a lot of fun!

1. Suck it!
Fun And Simple Halloween Party GamesYou will need:
1 chocolate bar for each contestant
Someone to hold each bar up
Someone to time and judge the game

How to play:
Get each person who is to hold the chocolate to hold the bar up in the air (make sure to unwrap it first).
Each contestant must place their hands behind their back.
The aim is to eat as much as you can in two minutes. The winner is the one who eats the most of their bar.
The catch is no teeth allowed. Each contestant must only suck their chocolate bars. Any biting or using their hands will result in being disqualified!
This game is more suited to adults and older children as it could be a bit dangerous for young children.

2. Mummy me!
Fun And Simple Halloween Party GamesYou will need:
3 loo rolls per team
Someone to judge the game

How to play:
Contestants will get into teams of 4.
They must nominate one person to become their mummy.
They then have to wrap their mummy up in toilet paper, to mummify them!
The winner is the first team with a fully wrapped mummy.

3. Unlucky dip!
You will need per person:
1 bucket
2L of cheap coke
4 tins semolina
4 tins custard
4 tins baked beans
50 plastic bugs (you can find these in the pound shop)
Plus one person to time it and count up at the end

How to play:
Mix all the ingredients together in the bucket. It will look and smell gross but that's sort of the point!
Contestants have one minute to fish out as many bugs as they can find. Put an old towel or sheet down as it will get messy.
The winner is the one with the most bugs at the end of the minute, or the first to get all 50 before the minute is up.
Sorry there is no picture of this one, but I don't have half the ingredients to hand!

4. Batty bingo
Fun And Simple Halloween Party Games
You will need:
1 bingo card per person
A bingo caller
Something to draw the numbers out of

How to play:
Each contestant gets one bingo card.
Everyone stands up.
The first number you get, you sit down.
Last one standing wins.

5. Halloween quiz
Fun And Simple Halloween Party GamesYou will need:
A quiz
Someone to read out the questions and mark the answers
Pens and paper (one per pair)
Glass jar full of smarties or something similar

How to play:
Get into pairs and answer the questions. One with the most points wins!
In the case of a tie break, ask the teams to guess how many sweets are in the jar. Closest guess wins.

You could write your own quiz and have a bit of fun putting it together. If you want one that's pre done, I have wrote one for you here, 

You can either play just for fun, or you could give little prizes away to the winners.

What games do you play on Halloween? Let me know in the comments :)

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  1. A game where you have to eat as much chocolate as you can as fast as you can? Who needs teeth anyway ha ha! You are a game-organising genius - I want an invite to ALL of your parties! Mim x #KCACOLS

    1. Haha, I agree, you don't even care if you get a bit messy when chocolate is involved! Thank you, I'll be sure to invite you to my next one lol :) x

  2. Great ideas! I especially like the chocolate eating game. Not so sure of number 3..sounds a bit gross but would be funny to watch! My favourite Halloween game is how many of the halloween sweets can I eat without dussapointing any trick or treaters :) xx #KCACOLS

    1. Number 3 is gross, but it's great fun if you have a strong stomach! Haha, I love your game, I think I might have to give that one a go :) x

  3. We will be doing the Mummy game here on Halloween, always a great one with children. Love the sound of the Mars bar game, would be great at an adults party. #Sharethejoy

    1. The mummy game is so much fun isn't it! Yeah the Mars bar one is hilarious to watch :)

  4. These look like loads of fun! Visiting from #SharetheJoy

  5. Good suggestions! Toilet paper mummy wrapping is always fun. #sharethejoylinky

  6. Great games! Thanks for sharing this at #sharethejoy x

  7. What a fun list of games for Halloween!! I of course love the first game!! Love the idea of having to eat lots of chocolates!! LOL Now I can tell you can be a great host!! ;-) Thanks so much for joining me again this week at #KCACOLS. I love having you here and I love reading your posts! Hope you join me again next Sunday! :-) xx

    1. Thank you :) Anything with chocolate is a good game lol! Thank you and thanks for hosting! x