Monday, 19 October 2015

Facebook Promote Your Blog Group

As some of you might remember, I wrote a review of Facebook last week (you can read it here if you missed it). I mentioned in that post that I had decided to not use Facebook at all for my blog until I was invited to join a blogger group.

Facebook Promote Your Blog GroupThe "Promote Your Blog" group is fantastic. Ran by two fab bloggers, Fi from Dolly Dowsie and Becky from Cuddle Fairy, this group is the best group I've seen on Facebook for bloggers.

It's not a place to link dump and run. It's a place with real interaction and real connections.

Every weekday, there are threads running for blog comments, Twitter re-tweets, Instagram likes, Pinterest re-pins, Alexa rankings, Facebook likes and Stumble Upons.

There are also threads for Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin' follows.

It works in a very simple, but very effective way. I'll use the Twitter RT thread as an example.

You choose the tweet you want RTing, and add the link to the relevant thread (threads close 9pm UK time). You then RT everyone else's who has added their links. You have until 11.59pm UK time of the day after the thread opens to complete them all.

I don't usually like "follow for follow", "like for like" type promotions as they are usually a bit impersonal, and there's always someone who doesn't do their part.

That isn't the case at all here. The admins do a superb job of laying down very clear guidelines, and they ensure everyone follows the rules.

I have also found that this group is like a little community. I have noticed some of the bloggers who take part regularly have followed me on social media and have commented on tweets, blog posts etc that I haven't posted to the group, and I have found myself reading (and enjoying) posts from people in the group so it definitely does work!

It is a closed group, which I also like, as your Facebook friends don't see you posting links and comments etc on there which would seem a bit weird to non-bloggers!

Also, because it's a closed group, you have to be admin approved to join so it's not full of spammers and weirdos (well except me, I'm not a spammer but I am a bit weird! But don't worry I hide it well!).

If you want to join, click here and wait for one of the admins to accept you!

Please don't join if you plan on link dumping!

Thank you Becky and Fi for all the hard work you put into this group!
You can find me here: Twitter Bloglovin Pinterest and Instagram Please do stop by and say hi!


  1. What a great post Debbie! I'm so glad you are finding the group useful. Thank you for the lovely compliments x

    1. Thank you :) I love the group, everyone takes part properly and it really does help drive traffic! x

  2. That sounds like a lovely group - social interaction and sharing the blog love is always a good thing :-)

    1. It is :) I love the social side of blogging!

  3. Thanks for the info on the Facebook group. I'm going to give them a try. Thanks also for providing your Twitter and Instagram links. I'm just getting used to Twitter and just began using Instagram to promote my online ne jewelry store. I hear it's the best way to market these days. We'll see!
    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. It's a fab group :) Online marketing really is the way to go and Twitter is fab for it. Something as visual as jewellery will do really well on Instagram too! Good luck with your store :)