Saturday, 16 May 2015

W Is For Writing For Yourself

Day 23 of my A to Z Challenge. W is for Writing For Yourself.
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I took part in Monday nights #bdibNA Twitter chat on Monday 11th May (if you've never taken part in one of these, do it. They are brilliant! They are held Monday and Friday night at 1am UK time). We discussed, amongst other things, what out greatest fears are with regards to our blogs, which inspired me to write this post.
I've always had a fear that no one reads my posts, or if they do, they hate them! It seems many of us have the same worry. It's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks like this sometimes!
As the conversation progressed, a few comments were made that primarily, our blogs are just that - ours. And that we should be writing for ourselves.
I realised that I do write for myself. Obviously, having readers is important. Blogging takes up a lot of time and to think it's all in vain would be soul destroying, but if you're not writing for yourself, I think that would be soul destroying too. You have to find a balance between giving the reader what they want and it still feeling like your own blog.
To clarify what I mean, if the general consensus within my readers was that they like a certain type of post more than others, I would be happy to include more of that type. Equally if there was a type of post that got a lot less readers, I would do less of that type.
Where I write for myself is by staying true to my opinions. If I had an opinion that I believed would be unpopular, I would still write that that was my opinion - if not, then it's fake, and ultimately I value honesty. Firstly, because bowing to popular opinion is a cop out, and secondly because readers aren't stupid - they can spot a fake opinion a mile off, especially regular readers that know your writing style.
Hopefully, I've got the balance right!
As a blogger do you feel you have the balance right? As a reader do you think it's important to read something that reads as true, even if you disagree with the points made?

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  1. I saw your tweet about the #bdinNA and was wondering what it was all about - I'd love to take part in something like that some day, at the mo 1am is usually reserved for a night feed with the baby! I like this post a lot - it's very honest about the fears of blogging and striking the right balance between writing for yourself but also putting something out there that strikes a chord with someone. Really resonates with me, especially as a newbie!

    1. I love the blogger chats there's a lot of others happen around 7 or 8 pm UK time, but the combination of being a night owl and working in a pub make this time ideal for me.
      I'm new to this myself, and I thought these fears were down to me being paranoid - it's reassuring to know we all have them to some extent! Thank you :)

  2. Your post is so true. It's nice to know people have the same worries. I wholeheartedly agree in writing for yourself. Many of us find it as a form of therapy. Great post!!!

    I have followed your blog. I would love if you came And took a look at mine and possibly follow it too :)

    Thanks for linking up

    1. It can be great as a therapy. If I have something on mind, I feel so much better after writing about it.
      Thanks for following :) Looking forward to popping over to yours!

  3. This is so true. Writing for yourself is important - it kind of ties in with staying true to yourself as well. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

    Dropping by on the A to Z Road Trip
    Writer‘s Crossings

    1. Yes I agree, it does - I think it would be hard to stay true to yourself if you were writing things you didn't feel any passion for! Thanks for stopping by :)