Friday, 22 May 2015

Desert Island Favourites - Movies

Desert Island

Kicking off my mini theme, Desert Island Favourites, my top 5 movies to take to a desert island! I am working here on the assumption the island is magic and has a TV, DVD player and electricity :)

1. American Pie box set

American Pie Box Set DVD
I know a box set might be cheating a little, but how can you choose just one! I can happily re-watch American Pie 1 and 2, American Wedding and American Wedding over and over again! This one time, at Band Camp...
2. Harry Potter box set
Harry Potter box set
I know, another box set - they're my rules, so surely I'm allowed to break them! You can't take one Harry Potter without the others, it would be like taking Ant Without Dec!
3. The Exorcist
The Exorcist

One of my all time favourite classics! Every island needs a classic, and this is mine! Incidentally, this was also the first film I bought on DVD!
4. The Last Exorcism
The Last Exorcism

There's starting to be a bit of a theme here! I do love a good exorcism! I love this one because it's told differently to all the others - the exorcisor doesn't actually believe in demonic possession or exorcism!
5. The Lost Boys
The Lost Boys
Another classic. Ok maybe not a standard classic, but I think of it as a classic due to growing up watching it! The vampires might not exactly be horrifying, but hey, at least they aren't glittery!
So that's my 5 - which ones would you choose?
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  1. does a box set count? that's amazing in that case! Although I'd be far to terrified to share a dessert island with you!! Great list - as long as it's day time so I don't get scared (with the exception of American Pie/Harry Potter obvs!) ;) xx Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xxx

    1. I'm not sure if it counts officially but rules are there to be broken! Don't worry if you pop over to my island we'll watch Harry Potter or American Pie lol Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Sounds like a great desert island, I wonder if it could have wifi too? ;-)
    I would take the Anne of Green Gables Box Set, thats about 10 hours in one set. Would keep me entertained while the night island life roamed.

    1. I hope so there would be wifi, I could be quite happy there if there was lol. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Great desert island if you can have a DVD player!
    Thanks for linking up to #SummerDays

    1. I know I think I might have cheated a little lol. Thanks for hosting :)

  4. very sensible to be stranded with a solar power dvd player ;) Don't think I'd be watching any scary films if I were alone on a desert island mine! I'd take the Little house on the prairie box set (sad I know), but there's over 50 dvd's lol. Thanks for linking up with #summerdays (apologies for the delay in replying xx)

    1. Always good to choose something with lots of run time lol :) No problem, thanks for hosting.