Monday, 24 August 2015

My Weekly Schedule

I talk a lot about the importance of scheduling and about my schedule being my life line. It's true - I would be horribly lost without it! I thought then, I would share my crazy weekly schedule with you all.

This is a general week in my life, some weeks shifts change and then my schedule changes. For all I swear by my schedule, if things change, I live with it easy enough.

My Weekly Schedule

The Schedule
9-11 - Link posts up with that day's linkys, comment on the other posts, and schedule a few tweets about them
11-12 - Check email, and respond to them. Read and respond to blog comments
12-4 - Write some posts, take and edit pictures, work on next month's schedule of what is being posted when
4-6 - Check email again, do some non-blog related writing
6-12 - Make a conscious effort to step away from the laptop!
12-1 - Publish the day's post(s) and schedule tweets for them. Instagram update.
1-3 - Read and comment on blogs I follow
Work days, I do pretty much the same except I'm usually up a lot later to fit it all in. Good job I'm more of a night person! I do get to skip the writing posts part, because I pre-write posts for work days. I like to have an idea of what is being posted when for about a month in advance, even if it's just a title, although this often gets tweaked as the time gets closer.
Sunday's I also spend a couple of hours scheduling tweets for the coming week.
When I see it all written down like this, it looks kind of crazy, but it actually works, although I think a bit of flexibility is key.
What does your schedule look like?
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  1. Woah, I am so, completely not this organized. Are you getting only 5 hours of sleep a night then?

    1. Yeah, 4 or 5, but that's normal for me. Before I started blogging I just sat watching Netflix lol!