Wednesday, 12 August 2015

5 Blog Posts Every Blogger Should Read

There are hundred of posts out there giving tips on pretty much every aspect of your blog. How do you know which posts you can trust to give you good advice? Well, firstly, I would be very surprised if any blogger would intentionally give their readers bad advice.
From my own personal view point, I tend to try and stick with bloggers I have read for a while, and who generally have good, well viewed content. They are obviously doing something right!
I do still read some of these posts types from other bloggers, as I really enjoy reading them.
Most times, I find something I hadn't considered, so it's always worth having a look at these types of posts - even if you've been blogging a long time, sometimes seeing things from someone's perspective adds a new angle.
I have compiled a list of five of my favourite blog advice posts, all written by people far more knowledgeable than me. All of which I think would be useful to every blogger out there.

It is so important to know the difference between the two and when to use each one. If you don't know the difference, or when to use them, read this post. I have read a few posts about this, and this one is so clear to understand.
This post is a new find for me. It's a great read for anyone just starting out doing sponsored posts or thinking about it in the future. It deals with the issues, but more importantly, it talks about a blogger's worth, and is the only post of its kind I've come across that gives some indication of the sort of prices you should be looking to charge (but without being patronising, or sounding like a rule book!). I think this could even help some of the bloggers who have been doing sponsored posts for a while, just to see if they are selling themselves short.
3. How To Write 17 Fabulous Blog Posts A Week from You Baby Me Mummy.
Obviously, not everyone wants to write 17 posts a week, but everyone does want their posts to be fabulous. You could easily apply this advice to whatever number of posts you want to write.
4. SEO For Bloggers from Live. Love. Blog.
I think this particular post was written by Hannah, but I would quite happily trust any of the three bloggers who write here. SEO is something a lot of bloggers struggle with - there is so many different areas to remember! This post is brilliant for anyone who has never considered their SEO before, as it's written in an easy to understand way. I think it's also great for bloggers who understand SEO a bit more to use as a reference list to make sure they are ticking all the boxes.
5. The Linky Guide from Cuddle Fairy.
This post describes the process of adding your link to linkys. With easy to follow steps, and screen shots of each one, it is so easy to understand, and I think this is a fantastic post for anyone wanting to start joining linkys, but unsure how to do so. I sure wish I had found this post before my first attempts!
So that's my list! Are there any other posts you feel are invaluable help for bloggers? Link them up in the comments :)

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  1. You have a wonderful list here - I haven't read the one about sponsored posts yet & I'm going to head over there now! Thank you so much for including my linky guide in your top 5! I'm truly honoured Debbie x

    1. Thank you :) You're welcome, your post is a fab addition :) x

  2. ooh, what a fab, useful list. Off to check these out- thanks!