Saturday, 29 August 2015

Guest Post: Blogger Life by Hannah Drilon

Today's post is a guest post by Hannah from Hannah Drilon blog (link at the end). The post is all about Hannah's life as a blogger. I hope you enjoy it!

Blogger Life by Hannah Drilon
Guest Post: Blogger Life by Hannah Drilon
Hey, it's Hannah Drilon! And I just want to share with you some of the most epic moments I've had since I started blogging.
As you may know, blogging is not easy. If you got no goals and insincere intentions, you're gonna get nothin' running. As a blogger, I've experienced those times when I didn't know what to write anymore. It even felt like something's pushing me to quit this past time hobby, but after the long run, I learned to love what I do. You see, blogging is not only about writing, it also takes a lot of hard work and dedication. When I entered the blogging world, I also entered a world of opportunities to showcase what I've got and discover others who also pass the same path I am treading in.
This post is dedicated to all who think blogging is an easy job, because in reality, it isn't. Consistency is very much an important aspect in the blogging world.
For the meantime, I want to show you some epic moments I've had as a blogger.

1. Setting Up my Weblog
This is very much the first part I had to endure before I had my blog posts. As a perfectionist  type of person, I often had problems with the layouts and the headers of my blog. One mistake makes me repeat all of the process again, which caused me headaches all the time. After a few months, I got to finalize the theme of my website and the types of posts I want people to see.

2.Writing a blog
This is of course, the heart of what I'm doing, the blog! At first, I really had no idea of what to write and include in my site. I had lots of brainstorming to do just thinking about a certain topic. I'm not a professional blogger but one thing I did, was to read other articles and blogs and get inspiration from it. There, I knew what to write.

3.Messed Up Blog Schedules
When many things are coming to my mind, I often mess up with my schedule. Today, I want to write this, tomorrow this but I never get things done. Then I stumbled into a lot of blogging advices and came across a topic about blog schedules and how it helps. Finally, I learned that having a blog calendar can really help me do things on time.

4.Social Media Feeds
Of course, because I wanted to add traffic to my website, I had to make different social media pages/accounts for my blog, to promote what I write and get people to read it on a regular basis. This is not an easy task because I had to keep tweeting, gramming and posting just to give more updates to my audience. Being a blogger does not only mean being a writer. It takes a blogger to be a social media expert, sales representative, technician, general manager and all. Hard work it is!

5.Guest Blogging
Because I wanted to promote my blog, I had to write  guest blogs for other websites so that I can get more followers. Albeit not being an easy job, I had to meet the deadline and fit in their topics so that everything will work out the best.  And finally, it's my time to look for guest bloggers too!

So here it is, I'm telling you, blogging is not easy job,but giving my time and effort, I learned to love this field that I've joined in. It's not always nice and neat but everything will be worth it when you see your readers appreciating what you write and when you've got traffic in your very own blog.
Great advice from Hannah! Time to show her some love. Visit her blog, follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and of course, leave her some comments below!