Thursday, 27 August 2015

Guest Post: My Experience of the Blogosphere by H

Today, I have a guest post for you by H from The Small Things of Life (link at the end) about her experience of the Blogosphere. If you haven't had change to check out H's blog yet, here's a little more about her:
Hey my name is H and I started my blog The Small Things of Life back in June.  My blog is a lifestyle and photography blog but I do the odd beauty post now and then, because who doesn't love make up and amazing smelly face creams etc?!  I love sharing my experiences and hope that you guys enjoy reading them
Now onto her fab post!

My Experience of the Blogosphere by H

Guest Post: My Experience of the Blogosphere by HWhen I first took the leap of faith to start my blog I was absolutely terrified.  I have been through a lot with people in my 27 years and putting my writing and thoughts out to the world was so daunting.  At first I didn’t have any idea what to do.  So I sat down and Googled for days and planned the blog attack.  I finally decided that for my brain Blogger was the most sensible place to start so I began my page.  I fiddled around with the page for hours possibly even days to get it to look just right. 

Finally I wrote my first post and hit publish and prayed that it was ok.  I decided which social media sites I wanted to use (Twitter, Instagram etc.) and put myself out there just a little bit more.  I met a few lovely ladies through Twitter and got chatting.  At first I wasn’t sure what I should say or do but they helped me along the way.  I then got told by one of my Twitter ladies that there was such a thing as Twitter chats!! I decided which one and nervously sat in front of my laptop and said hey!  I was overwhelmed but the love and support that there is in the Blogosphere and I never imagined that I would meet such honest, lovely and welcoming people.

I have met so many lovely people through my blog life so far and I hope that over time we will become online friends if not real life friends.  I am not very good at meeting people because of previous experiences but I have managed to persuade myself to go to Blogstock in a couple of weeks’ time and I will be honest I am absolutely terrified but I am certain that everyone will be welcoming and I will meet some of the amazing people I have met online finally in person.  Anyone who is thinking of starting a blog or putting their writing out there I would definitely recommend giving it a go and just seeing where it takes you.

If you ever want any advice or support, email me at or add me on Twitter @TSToflife and I am more than happy to be there and support you as best I can.
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  1. Hey, nice guest post. Ive not yet got involved in a blog chat but have been meaning too. Shall look it up :) xx #bestandworst

    1. The blogger chats are fab, great place to swap tips and ideas, and just to meet other bloggers :)

  2. Ahh how lovely, it can be a scary thing to start blogging but once you get into it and socialise it's fab! Thanks for linking this guest post up Debbie! #bestandworst see you again :)

    1. The blogging community is so fab! You're welcome and thanks for hosting :) See you next week!