Saturday, 19 September 2015

Avon Haul 2

Welcome back to my Avon haul series. My latest order just arrived and I can't wait to try the products out!

Avon Haul 2
1. Avon Colour Corrector Pearls
2. Nail Art
3. Blusher Brush (although I intend using it on the corrector pearls!)
4. Dark Orchid and Raspberry 500ml bubble bath
Total spent: £16.50
What are your favourite beauty buys this month? Let me know in the comments :)
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  1. That's an exciting haul! I'd love to hear how you got on with them :) I'm a beauty dunce and so I get a Birch Box each month. I really love the surprise! Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

    1. I've never had a birch box but I love the idea of them :) Thanks for hosting! x