Thursday, 10 September 2015

3 Signs It's Time To Move On

3 Signs It's Time To Move OnDo you sometimes feel like your relationship isn’t meant to be? Of course you do, it's normal to have doubts, especially after a fight. If you find you feel like this almost constantly and without any trigger though, it could be that it's time to end the relationship!

Here are three signs it might be time to move on:

Being around your partner doesn’t make you happy
While I don’t believe your own happiness is anyone else’s responsibility, I still think spending time with your partner should make you happy. You should look forward to spending quality time with them, even if its something as simple as watching bad TV and eating popcorn together.
If you find yourself dreading seeing them, or constantly putting off spending time together, this is a definite red flag.

You constantly fantasize about other people (and not just in the bedroom!)
If you are constantly wishing you had someone else’s life, or were with someone else then that's not a good sign. We’ve all those moments were we wonder why we aren’t married to our celebrity crush and sunning it up in LA, or checked out someone in the supermarket queue, but it's usually a fleeting thing, rather than a constant thought.

If you constantly find yourself comparing your partner/relationship to other people's (and them falling short) it could be time to move on.

You find your partner irritating all the time
Everyone has those little habits that are cute in the beginning, but over time make you want to scream. It can become a problem if you feel like screaming more often than not at everything your partner says and does!

When they ask if you want a cup of tea and you feel like you want to throw something at their head, it might be time to call it a day!

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