Friday, 24 July 2015

How Bad Experiences Mould Us

How Bad Experiences Mould Us - Featured On Zusterschap!
Anyone who has read my blog for a while, will know about my disaster of a relationship with an alcoholic. You can read more about it hear if you missed it:
As you may also know, I usually submit a guest post to Zusterschap to fit in with their monthly themes. This month, their theme was growing up. What better way to grow up than to wake up to the fact you are wasting your life on a bad relationship?
I submitted a post to them about how I grew up in that relationship and what I learned from it. You can read the post here:
Check it out, and while you are there, why not check out some of the other posts about life lessons and growing up, there are some brilliant posts!

Let me know what you all think.

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  1. An interesting post. I have not heard of Zusteschapcollective but will ahve a good look! Relationships (which are not good) can tale time to get out of and can waste so much of our precious lives. I look forward to reading your submission!

    Angela x

    1. Do check Zusterschap out. They are big on empowering other women and I've read some truly inspirational stuff on there! It took me a long time to get out, but it really was the best thing I ever did x