Friday, 3 July 2015

Book Review: Pandemonium And Requiem By Lauren Oliver

Man with bookTime for the review of the last two books from June's reading list. June has really flown by and I'm quite surprised I got through all of the books to be honest.
Here is the reading list for June if you missed it:

As these two books are the last two in the Delirium trilogy, I decided to review them together. (Please note there may be little spoilers but I will try to keep them vague!)

This is my review of Pandemonium and Requiem by Lauren Oliver
The blurb from the back cover
Requiem by Lauren OliverPandemonium by Lauren OliverPandemonium - Pandemonium is a poignant, explosive, recklessly romantic and utterly heart breaking novel. Like Delirium, the first in the compelling trilogy, it will take you to the very edge. That’s all you need to know. We’ll let Lena do the rest of the talking…
Requiem - Lena can build the walls but what if there's no one left to take them down? The powerful, heart breaking conclusion to one of the most eagerly awaited, talked about series is here.
My thoughts on the books
I started Pandemonium still in emotional turmoil from the ending to Delirium. The turmoil didn't end there. Lena faces a lot of challenges both physical and emotional in Pandemonium and you can't help going along for the ride. LO continues to deliver real characters, and a fast paced story. I was left reeling at the end yet again!
Requiem didn't start how I imagined it would. It is a heart wrenching read from start to end as we reach the end of Lena's story. I like the way in this book, LO adds in the element of telling a secondary story in the voice of a character who has been cured. Cue a lot of shocking revelations! 
Conclusion and Rating
Although I thoroughly enjoyed all three of the books, I was left a little disappointed in the over all ending. I get the impression LO was trying to illustrate that when you choose a life of love, you choose a life of uncertainty, and that there truly isn't an ending, only a new beginning. However, as a reader I felt a little cheated in that I felt the story didn't really end, LO just stopped writing it. 
Overall, I would give the trilogy 4/5 - it could easily have been a 5 if the ending had been better.
Have you read the trilogy? What do you think - did you like the overall ending?
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  1. These books sound interesting - I may have to pick them up. I'm going away for a week in August and need some good reading material.

    xo Jenn

    1. They are fab, I would definitely recommend them! Thanks for stopping by :)