Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Guest Post: Why I Love Writing Fiction by Miss Kim

Today's post is a guest post from the lovely Miss Kim from Behgopa. First, a little about Miss Kim, for anyone that hasn't visited her blog before.
I am in the midst of finishing up the first draft of my very first novel. My novel is in the "chick lit" genre. It includes romance, steamy scenes, and tons of foodgasmic-makes-you-drool scenes. I love food. I am a culinary blogger at behgopa.com. I blog about my culinary ventures as a professional eater, amateur food photographer, and kitchen slave (aka chef).
Without further ado, here is Miss Kim's post!

Why I Love Writing Fiction by Miss Kim
Miss KimI feel like my forte is in fiction. I am rather a private person. So when I blog about my life, there is some inhibition to how much I want to express or share. I know it may not always appear that way in my blog but that is because I choose my words carefully. When writing fiction, there are no boundaries. I write raw, unfiltered, and messy. Imagination lets loose, I get in my zone, and write freely with no inhibitions.

As writers, we have all been there. We work full time, personal life can get hectic...and it can get hard to find the time to continue with a WIP. Then we fall into a slump, our story gets neglected, and ten years down the road, we kick ourselves that the only thing we can say about the book we started writing is, "I started writing a book once, but I never finished it." Well, when I was in one of my slumps, some weird WTF dejavu things have been happening that I took as a sign to keep going and finish what I've started. More details on my blog post http://www.behgopa.com/2015/06/finishing-up-first-draft-of-my-book.html 
And a little teaser from her upcoming book:
The time on my phone was showing 3:57. For the past two weeks, this would have been around the time I’d be finishing up everything at the second job that I had just been disgracingly been fired from since I lost the prominent title that I had to my name for the past eight years. I had been working my ass off at these last two places, and in positions that were far beneath what I was deserving….WORK!! Ick…Why does working suck so much? My name and resume alone gets me into the doors of almost any job I want. I was a Hansel, and a former VP of the illustrious Hansel Group. I’ve learned the hard way that when you’ve had a VP title to your name, people actually expect you to know how to do stuff.  But God’s honest truth was, I did not know how to do squat. And if you don’t know how to do squat, employers are not likely to keep you around. 
 had been VP of The Hansel Group for eight years. I never climbed up the corporate ladder. I just parachuted atop it. As soon as I graduated from college, my father, Jake Hansel, CEO of the Hansel Group, brought me onboard and pretty much just gave me the title. With all my friends going out and actually doing things with their lives, I felt like I needed to prove to everyone that I was doing something too. And what’s more admirable than being VP of the renowned Hansel Group at the young age of 22?
Like what you see? You can read a longer excerpt here: http://www.behgopa.com/2014/06/sharing-excerpt-from-my-book.html
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  1. Thank you for allowing me to do my very first guest post. After completing the first draft, I am taking a little breather before I start with the editing process and all that fun stuff. Right now, my draft is a big old mess (the way a first draft is supposed to be) and just all over the place.

    1. You're welcome, I'm happy that you wanted your first one to be on here :) I'm sure you'll get it all sorted, let me know when it's finished!