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Done Deal - Part Three: It Is Time

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Welcome to the third instalment of Done Deal. You can read Part 1 here: and Part 2 here: if you missed them.
Done Deal
Done Deal - Part Three: It Is Time

It is time. The darkness seems to be getting less dense. It is time.
She knows she should be horrified at what she is about to do, but she feels only excitement. Once she gets the deed done, she will see her son’s face again! Once she gets the deed done she might even get to feel a tiny bit of happiness, something she had given up on ever feeling again.
The deed. She can only refer to as the deed, as she is scared she won’t go through with it if she lets herself dwell on it. Deep down, she knows she will do it whatever the consequences.
‘It’s not that bad, the woman will have a choice. She can make a deal, just like I did, it’s not so bad,’ she desperately reasons with herself.
‘It is time,’ his voice booms behind her, and she turns to face him. ‘You know what you have to do. You will get only one chance at this, do not fail. In return, you will be able to see your son’s face again. Are you ready to do this?’
‘Yes,’ she responds. She has so much more she wants to say, questions she needs answering, pleas to not have to do this, but she daren’t voice them in case he changes his mind.
At this point, the only thing worse than doing the deed would be to not do the deed.
‘Then you must go,’ he says, and that charming smile is back. The smile that made her think he was her guardian angel all those years ago.
She feels a stirring of desire, brought on by the adrenaline coursing through her, that smile and worryingly, the thought of what she is about to do.
He reaches out and touches her, and she feels electrified. In death, in that moment, she has never felt more alive.
She blinks and he is gone. She is soaring over rooftops, flying faster than a bird on the wind.
She has no body to speak of, yet her earthly senses have returned. She can see the world below her, hear the wind soaring by. She can blink, turn her head, move her arms and legs yet when she looks for them they aren’t there.
It feels so surreal and so utterly amazing. She feels truly free for the first time since her labour started. She could just fly off and never return. He wouldn’t look for her, he told her as much. She knows she wouldn’t feel free long though. If she doesn’t complete her end of the bargain, she will be free, but she will never see her son’s face again and she will not let that happen!
Glancing down, she sees the buildings have become familiar. She is in her home town, the hospital her journey started in looming large in front of her. She is going to hit it!
She scrunches her eyes closed and waits for the inevitable impact, but it doesn’t come. Warily, she peels her eyes open. She is inside the hospital.
She has slowed down now and is gently floating toward the operating theatre. It hits her that she might know the woman she has to do this to. She doesn’t know how she will cope.
Below her, a team of doctors and nurses run towards the now open theatre, pushing a bed containing a heavily pregnant and obviously distressed woman. This sight should panic her, but it doesn’t. It calms her. She is relieved. She doesn’t know the woman.
She floats, almost lazily into the room and hovers above the woman. She can smell her fear. She knows she should be in a mess now, panicking, regretting her decision, but she’s not. She’s calm.
He told her she would know when the time was right and she waits, almost eagerly, knowing in a few short minutes she will see her son.
It is time. She reaches down and gently, almost lovingly, places her hand on the woman’s distended stomach. The effect is instant.
The doctor’s voice, loud and authoritative ‘We’re losing them both.’
The sound of the machines bleeping desperately.
She pulls back. She has done it.
As the chaos continues below her, she allows herself to think again of the moment she will see her son. Will she be pulled there by an unseen force or will she have to go herself? Wanting to take no chances, she moves towards the door.
She feels herself pulled to a stop and turned around. She tries to fight it, but it’s too strong.
She looks up, and there he is! Her son! A few years older than when she last saw him, but unmistakably him. She had mistaken him for a doctor until he pulled down the surgical mask.
Her excitement turns to horror as the full extent of what she has just done hits her.
‘Nooooooo,’ she screams silently, never taking her eyes off her son.
His face contorts with grief, and his hand reaches toward the operating table as he watches his girlfriend and unborn child die in front of him.
What do you think? I hope you are enjoying the story. Stay tuned for the final instalment, going live next Friday!
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