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Guest Post: My Love Affair With Fiction By Gemma From Coffee, Kids And Ice Cream

Man with bookToday's post is a guest post from the lovely Gemma who blog over at Coffee Kids and Ice Cream. If you haven't visited Gemma's blog yet, here is a little more about her.
Londoner for the past 14 years and entertainment & consumer publicist in a previous life, I am now most commonly known as mummy to my two fabulously brilliant children, Coco & Raffy.
Officially the least cool couple in East London, my husband Mark and I have been married pushing five years and our family own an ice cream factory in Hackney.
Following an all consuming career in PR, for the past year I have been writing for award-winning fashion blog for mum’s, the super Style Me Sunday.
Now onto Gemma's fab post!

My Love Affair with Fiction by Gemma at Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream
Gemma Capocci, Coffee, Kids and Ice Cream
Gemma and her lovely family
Novels and I, in particular fiction novels, have always been pretty close friends.  It’s a love affair that has long existed through my early teens and into adulthood. Whilst I know at this point I should probably start running through a list of my favourite high brow, Booker Prize winning authors, I’m going to throw caution to the wind and make a confession.  I BLOODY LOVE CHICK LIT.
From being a teen and reading Judy Blume’s “Forever” (a rite of passage), I have developed a taste for cheesy rom-coms in all their splendor and I just love them.  At university, as I navigated a rollercoaster ride of a relationship with more on and offs than Ross and Rachel, I found solace in reading.  Endless comparisons were made of my then bastard of a boyfriend with male characters in my books, and once that relationship ended, I related to many of the leading ladies as they searched through their piles of rotters to find their elusive Mr. Right.   
Whilst the storylines were often far fetched and did nothing to help my expectations of the men I later encountered as a single lady, like the heroines in many of the novels, my Mr. Right also eventually surfaced.
As life became busier with work and weddings, books began to be reserved for lazy holidays alone, when I would love nothing more than lounging in the sun, book in hand, captivated by the sometimes predictable storylines of boy meets girl.  That was until I had a baby.   As life became all consumed with feeding, sleeping and wiping dirty bottoms, I would crave the escapism that my favourite chick lit novels would bring.  Second time round, nighttime feeding took on a new meaning when Raffy literally required 24 hour attention.  Bored by social media, I was desperate to get stuck into a good book, and despite previously turning my nose up at anything electronic, my best ever present to date has to be my kindle.  Now with the baby balanced in one arm and my new kindle in the other, I had found a way to make it through the long lonely nights and, more importantly, distract myself from my husband’s steam-train style snoring before I lost the plot and placed a pillow over his head (jokes!).

As many a book lover will attest, there is nothing nicer than losing yourself to a good novel.  And whilst I do occasionally try and broaden my horizons by going for something a little more akin to the Sunday Times bestseller list, I have to admit I’m happiest reading when the likes of Adele Parks and Lindsay Kelk are the authors, and for this I shall never be ashamed!
Gemma x

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  1. Great post! When you're a super busy person with several different roles it's hard to find time to read and sometimes it has to be on impulse. That's why I love my kindle. Don't get me wrong, I agree why some people are critical and sceptical as I love holding a book, smelling a book, and touching the pages but when you have so much to do it's great. Plus, if you want a book it's instant. My kindle has helped me so much through Uni and I have been there, walking around with a child in one arm and my kindle in the other, but luckily my youngest is three and I don't need to do that anymore lol.

    Janet :)

    1. Thank you for commenting! I'm a dinosaur when it comes to reading. I don't even have a Kindle, although I do have the app :)