Monday, 6 April 2015

Women Who Cry Rape 6th April 2015

One thing I really can't stand is women who cry rape.
I can only imagine how horrific it is for women (and men) who have genuinely been raped. To say this has happened to you when it hasn't to get attention, or money, or for revenge or whatever reason these women use to rationalise their lies, must be a further slap in the face for the genuine people.
Its so hard for people who have been raped to come forward. Apart from all the mental trauma of reliving the experience, the fear of not being believed is a very real issue, and every time a false accusation is made, it makes it that much harder for the genuine people to think they will be believed.
Also, the accused man will never really get over it without moving away. Even if the story is disproved before it reaches the media, people talk and the story will circulate. Even when the accusation has been proved false, its always in people's minds. There's always going to be a little bit of doubt. If you falsely accuse someone of raping you, you are ultimately ruining the person's life. They will struggle to find anyone willing to take a risk employing them and they will find it near impossible to get a girlfriend. Chances are that at best they will be shunned by the community, people pulling children away from them, so called friends crossing the street to avoid them and so forth. They are likely to have their windows put out, graffiti on their homes, and will probably get punched several times.
I honestly believe that people who pretend to have been raped, for any reason, should be prosecuted. This would hopefully serve to make them think twice before making knowingly false allegations.
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