Friday, 24 April 2015

A Is For Awesome

I'm still excited to start this challenge. I think challenging is going to be the right word though. Its going to take me outside of my usual writing comfort zone I think to find things starting with each letter, but I think that's a good thing. If you don't know how this works, I've posted the link back to the original post at the end of this one.

Day 1 of my A to Z Challenge: A is for Awesome

Here's my list, in no particular order, of 10 things I think are awesome:

1. The Sun
I know we are no longer supposed to sit in the sun, but for me nothing beats it. Whether at home or on holiday, its an instant mood lifter to open your curtains on a morning, look out and see a beautiful day. I think its a British thing - we don't get enough sun here, so when we do get a bit, we make the most of it.

2. Harry Potter
I am a massive geek when it comes to Harry Potter. I love the books and the movies (more about those on "H" day). If I find an article about it on the web it makes my day!

3. Getting lost in a good book
I love it when I find a book that is so good I get lost in it. When I can read it and be so engrossed, people are talking to me and I don't notice. So gutting when it ends though. There is one author that's guaranteed to give me that feeling (clue: I'll will discuss in her in more detail on "J" day).

4. My laptop
I know this one sounds a bit weird, but it's not this laptop specifically, its more being online. I love how I can be connected to so many different things at once. Updating my blog, chatting on Facebook, Tweeting, and reading lots of interesting blogs/articles, all in one place. What's not to love?

5. Socialising
A bit of an obvious one, but there's nothing better than a day or night out with good company. Forgetting about everyday worries, and laughing and joking around. If the company is good enough, it doesn't even matter where you go!

I mention coffee, because its my go to caffeine fix, but pretty much anything with caffeine works here. It's probably all in my head, but it seems to work as a little pick-me-up when my energy levels are flagging.

7. Writing
I love writing - blog posts, stories, factual articles - I enjoy it all. Its a great way to express yourself, and while I try to stick close to my original draughts (to me they are the most honest when you just write and haven't yet had a chance to doubt yourself), its nice to be able to go back and polish up, change bits that don't make sense. Something you can't do in an actual spoken conversation.

8. Netflix
I think this is something to do with instant gratification. Once I'm into a show, I can't stand waiting a week between episodes, yet alone up to a year between seasons. I love it when I find a show that pulls me in and I can binge watch it to my heart's content.

9. Achieving a goal
I love that feeling when you set out to accomplish something, you've done the work, you've waited out the time and then there it is. Whether its losing weight, starting a blog, finishing a book, learning a language, literally anything. That feeling when you can look back and say I made/did/achieved/finished that is beyond words.

10. Being in love
I said at the beginning that this was in no particular order, but subconsciously, I've saved the best for last. There is no feeling in the world that beats that warm, butterfly in your tummy feeling that being in love brings.

What would yours be?

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  1. Love this! I must write my own list :-)

    1. Thank you so much! It was a fun post to write. I was only going to do 5 things, but I couldn't decide which ones to not include :)

  2. Great post great fun to read Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Loving the #binkylinky :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed reading it. I love writing and never find enough time. I'd love to write a book and I know one day I will! Thanks for linking up with the #BinkyLinky

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed reading it. Good luck with your book! I love the #binkylinky :)

  4. Awww! That list IS awesome :) made me feel all warm and fuzzy! I love writing too and the sun..and definitely coffee!! Thanks for linking up lovely xx #TheList

    1. Thank you - I'm glad you liked it! I love #TheList linky, I always find new blogs to read! Thank you for hosting :)