Friday, 17 April 2015

Is Love Enough? 17th April 2015

Is love enough? In short, it should be. But is it?
When you get down to it, if you truly 100% love each other, of course it's enough. It's better than enough. It's perfect and amazing and you wouldn't change it for the world. It's like a movie, all blazing passion, kissing in the rain and beating the odds together.
In reality, people let things like money problems get in the way. Or pointless arguments, like she can't stand his snoring and he hates the way she chews. It makes me wonder then if these couples were ever truly in love. Perhaps the question that we should be asking is "is this love?"
Surely, real true love beats any odds. If you are truly in love, yes the little things still annoy you, but its not that big a deal. If money is short, it's not so bad because you are in it together. If you go on holiday and get the hotel from hell, it doesn't seem so bad because you're there together. You can face anything together. Geography doesn't matter, you can live anywhere as long as you're both there. Problems don't seem as big because you help each other through it. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because you only need your partner.
Love is the greatest and most powerful thing in the world. Stronger than money, career, material things. Better than anything else you can think of.
Yes, love is enough for me.
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