Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sex, Lies And Gold Diggers

I was having a poke about on the internet the other day and I came across an article (I think it was on Buzzfeed, but I could well be wrong!) about lies men tell women to get them to sleep with them earlier than the would normally feel comfortable with.
A few of them rang true, and sounds like something you could perhaps fall for after a drink or 2 too many - come on we've all been there! For example, how he never normally does this, but your special etc etc. Basically enough of an ego boost to make you think why not. Then of course, you never hear from him again because if you really were special he would wait. In this situation, I do feel a bit sorry for the girl. She wanted to believe him, and made a mistake.
But the one that got me was the one were men supposedly exaggerate their job and/or income. Firstly, I can't believe any man would even think that could work.
Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I can't help feeling that if thinking he earns more money makes a girl sleep with him, she sort of deserve to be burned. How shallow do you have to be for this to actually work? Can you blame the man for walking away? Maybe he even genuinely liked her until he found out she was a gold digger.
When I use the term gold digger, I don't mean a girl that wants a man with an actual job, so they can, at some point down the line, split bills etc, go on a nice holiday or two and live comfortably. I'm talking about the girl that wouldn't give this man the time of day until she discovered his 6 figure salary and now suddenly, she's in love with him.
Is it any worse him using her for sex based on the lie he has money than her using him for money based on the lie she actually finds him attractive? I don't think it is. What does anyone else think?

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  1. I think there are a lot of women who want to make sure they aren't getting involved with somebody that will be sponging off of them. They also feel less guilty if it seems like he was a "good guy, with a good job, not a bum." Its all about giving the girl a good enough reason to override her conscience.

    1. Interesting getting a man's perspective on this. I just can't help but thinking if the justification for sleeping with a man is "it's ok, he has a good job" he probably shouldn't be wasting his time on her. However, if he's just wants a bit of a fling, then I guess everyone wins!

  2. haha I love your rants! So true - i was thinking that girls should not just sleep with men because they are loaded. Is this really ever true love? xx #effitfriday

    1. Lol thanks Sarah. I don't think for a second its real love, even if they convince themselves it is! x

  3. Great post, couldn't agree more. #effitfriday