Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Messages From Beyond The Grave 18th March 2015

I read an article recently asking if you found out you were dying, which five people would you leave messages for and what would they say?
This was easy for me. Straight away I knew exactly who the five people would be. I think it would be harder if I had children - who would I bump from the list? It would be next to impossible for anyone with more than five children.
The five people I would send them to would be my mam, my dad and my three best friends. I would tell them all how much I loved them, thank them for everything we've shared and tell them not to be sad that I'm no longer around.
I would thank my mam and dad for everything - giving me life, raising me well, always being there and loving me unconditionally.
The first of the three friends, I would tell her that she's funny and loveable and deserves a good man who will treat her right. I would tell her to treasure every moment with her new baby and make memories.
The next I would tell she is the strongest woman I have ever met. She copes with more than I ever could and she is an inspiration.
The third, I would tell him he's the man by whom I compared anyone I ever dated and that none of them ever measured up. I would ask why we never gave it a go, and I would tell him not to change for anyone.
The article went on to say send those messages now (minus the part were you tell them you're dying/dead presumably). Let the people who matter most to you know now.
I didn't send the messages. I think it would worry people if they started getting slushy messages off me for no reason. Also, I really think the people I would send them to know how important they are to me.
Maybe I will send a diluted version telling them how much they mean to me but in a slightly less melodramatic fashion.
On one hand, I think the idea of leaving something behind for people to read is lovely. On the other hand, I wonder if it wouldn't just upset people. Would sending these messages be more for me than them?
What does anyone else think? Do we tell the people we love that we love them often enough?

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  1. I tell my wife last thing before bed and first thing when I wake. The same goes for Ted. That's about it though. Thanks for sharing this and for linking up #bigfatlinky

    1. That's good - a lot of people don't even tell their children! Thank you for hosting :)