Monday, 23 March 2015

How People's Perceptions Of You Are Different From Your Own Part One 23rd March 2015

I think its really interesting how people have totally different views and perceptions on the same thing.
I've decided to conduct a little experiment, that I don't think for a second is scientifically viable, I just think the results will be interesting.  
I have written down three words I would use to describe myself. They are: sarcastic, honest, weird.
I am sending a message to a cross section of people; some who know me really well, some who I know socially, some who I know through work, asking them to send me the first three words or phrases that come into their heads when they think of me. I have given an option to respond anonymously so they can be brutally honest. I think the results will be interesting, to see if anyone views me in the same way as I view myself, or if any two or more people view me the same as each other.
I will post the results once I have enough in.
Kind of excited and also a little nervous to hear what people really think.
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