Friday, 27 March 2015

How People's Perceptions Of You Are Different From Your Own Part Three 27th March 2015

So as I'm sure people know by now, I've been trying to see how other people perceive me and how different it is from how I perceive myself (see parts one and two for a full recap).
The first things I noticed was the replies I got surprised me, not in the content, but in who it was. I didn't put any pressure on people or remind them to reply. Some of my best friends didn't reply, and some people who I thought definitely wouldn't did.
I think in part its because the message I sent sounded a bit too much like one of them random messages that do the rounds on social media and I sent the messages through Facebook. If I did anything similar again, I would word the message differently, and would also send via text.
I was quite surprised to discover most people actually view me similarly to how I view myself. Most people used two out of my three words (or a variation of them), and everyone used at least one. No one else said weird. Maybe they are too polite? Or they've just known me long enough to not see the weirdness anymore? Maybe I'm not all that weird, I just like to think I am? 
I really didn't see all the similarities coming at all. Even the words people used which I hadn't used myself sort of resonated as true.
My original three words were sarcastic, honest, and weird.
The most used word was honest, blunt, straight talking, even brutal! This is definitely how I see myself. I don't sugar coat things. I like that people know that about me, they tend to know not to ask me a question if they don't want my true opinion.
Funny came in a pretty close second, which I see the same as sarcastic.
And the third one seems to be the variable one. I got lots of different things here: good friend, supportive, don't take things too serious, can handle the truth, sharp tongue, help anyone, laid back, chatty and bossy to list a few. I can see all of these qualities to some extent, and that's the interesting part - who sees which parts of me more than others.
I thought I would learn that people saw me totally differently to how I see myself, but I actually learned the opposite. Overall, people do tend to see the real me.
Try it, you might be surprised! Let me know the results you get if you do.
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