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50 Shades Of Grey: The Movie Vs The Book 19th March 2015

On February 16th I wrote a post on this blog (50 shades of publicity) about the 50 Shades franchise. This is a follow up to that one so may be worth looking at it to get a bit of context.
I have finally gotten around to watching the movie, and I must say it was not at all what I was expecting. Whilst the term thought provoking may be a stretch, it did make me think.
In the original post, I wrote that some women's rights groups are opposed to this movie as it is derogatory to women and portrays an abusive relationship. I disagreed with that as a dom/sub relationship is consenting.
After watching the movie, I sort of see where they are coming from, and how, if they haven't read the book, this could be misinterpreted. The book is written from Ana's point of view, and throughout we have the voice of Ana's "inner Goddess". Now when reading the book, this inner voice drove me mad, however, when watching the movie, I understood its importance. This inner voice described Ana's feelings. It let the reader know that she was enjoying being dominated. Without this narrative, the movie lacks the feel of enjoyment on her part.
For all she has been seen to consent, the movie gave me the impression she was just going along with what Christian wanted because she was afraid to lose him. In the book, it came across as her being treated like a princess, in the movie it came across as her being treated like a cheap sex toy at times.
*Spoiler alert* Also, I think the big thing for women's rights groups would be the punishment scene at the end. In the movie, that had the distinct feeling of domestic abuse. Ana was crying, clearly uncomfortable and he just kept on.
I think "punishment" is one thing in a sexual context if you both enjoy it. However, when you are being beaten for rolling your eyes, or saying something the man doesn't like, it's perhaps a little more than that.
I'm not sure if the movie was done this way on purpose to make it a bit more sensationalist, or if it just somewhat missed the mark, but I got a very different feel from it than the book.
I do still stand by the point that it's fictional though, and can see no real reason why it should be banned. I also still think all these women's rights groups are giving it added publicity.
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