Thursday, 26 February 2015

Designer Dog Breeds 26th February 2015

Designer dog breeds drive me mad. The only truth in the title is that they are indeed dogs. They are neither designer nor are they breeds.
For a type of dog to be classed as a breed, there has to be a breed standard. How is that ever going to happen with these designer dogs? The puppies from one litter aren't even the same, let alone all of them!
The fact remains that these dogs are cross breeds. They say there is no such thing as a mongrel these days because dog owners aren't at liberty to allow their dogs to roam the streets anymore. That's simply not true, these dogs are mongrels.
Now don't get me wrong some of these dogs are very cute and have lovely natures. They make great pets and deserve a loving home as much as the next dog. What irritates me is that people make up names for them, and charge people up to £1500 per puppy for something that without the ridiculous name would be free to good home. I mean come on: Cockerpoo, Jackahuaha - they don't even sound real! How long before we have the Rottadoodle or the Mountain Pug? Personally I'm quite looking forward to the Bullpoo!
You can't even blame the breeders for this really. If people pay hundreds of pounds for these dogs because of a silly name, of course the person selling them is going to give them a silly name.
The only advantage I can see to this is, in theory, if a person is willing to pay £600 for the puppy, they hopefully want it badly enough that they aren't going to abandon it.
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  1. Jackahuaha? Is that supposed to be a mix of the Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua? That can't be a real name? My little dog is exactly that mix but I just tell people he's a Jack Russell mix. Maybe that's what I will tell people now. He's a Jackahuaha. What?

    1. Yes, he's officially a jackahuaha lol :) I hope you didn't find this post offensive - one of my best friends has a jackahuaha and he's lush. It's more a dig at the price tags than the dogs themselves :)

  2. I met a jackahuaha! Lovely dog but designer price tag seems excessive. I'd hope it stops abandonment but I don't think it will x

    1. I love some of the dogs, they are really are cute. It's the price tag that annoys me! You're probably right about it not stopping abandonment, I think people that would do that will do it regardless! x